Visita Iglesia in the Antipolo Cathedral

Here’s another article featuring a church (a cathedral actually) I visited during our Visita Iglesia experience during Holy Week. The Antipolo Cathedral, located at Antipolo City, Rizal, is often visited by pilgrims as part of their commitment to their faith.


Inside the cathedral is a large dome that covered almost the entire ceiling. It’s also amusing to see all those stained glass windows surround the whole place as it gave the place a more “sacred” feel.


Here’s one up close. Nice mix of colors!


While we were walking around the church, we saw a group of people dressed up in costume preparing for a short play so we decided to stay a bit and watch. As soon as the play began, they started taking turns whipping the one portraying Jesus with thick belts while they were delivering their lines! I myself felt the pain he was experiencing (just imagine how every whip sounded!)


After several minutes of whipping sights and belt slapping, we decided to leave. We couldn’t stand seeing someone being tortured like that! But actually, this is nothing compared to those who observe “penitensya” (penance) where they whip their own backs until it bled.


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